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Turn-key Online Presence

All websites are custom designed and developed to meet each client's needs. With our subscription pricing model, we are able to deliver a $4000.00 website for as little as $60 a month. All web site projects consist of four phases and are completed on average, within three to five weeks of commencement. Not all phases of the process are necessary, but only ensure the best final outcome of our efforts.

Phase 1: Client Analysis

During this phase we gather the necessary input from the client to direct the artistic creation of their new business or organization identity. The first review of the Initial Design efforts will be in the form of a hard-copy version of the logo (printed out) with usually two to three variations of styles. The client is able to review them and recommend any alterations and opinions.

Phase 2: Design

With the client’s input we focus the design direction and evolve the initial design results to and enhanced second version. These second versions may be presented in two to three variations in hard-copy form as well as soft (on-screen). The client will have another opportunity to input any alterations and comments to compress the remaining few designs into the specific Final Proof of Design.

Phase 3: Consult

The Final Proof will be presented for final approval of the new logo design process. Any minor alterations may be made to size, colors, proportions or layout before the delivery of the source files of the new logo.

Phase 4: Development & Testing

The development phase is directly aligned with the Final Proof of Design. Once initiated, development can take up to two to three weeks for completion. We begin developing the site on a Harbinger sub-domain as a prototype or beta site, providing access to the client at relevant milestones to ensure full satisfaction. With the prototype site published we are able to test the site with all browsers and clean up any rendering errors in the interface display. Once the site is complete it is published to the client’s server with full FTP access and burned to disc and mailed. There will be a historical archive of the original site backed-up by Harbinger.