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 1 · How much does a website cost?

We have worked on projects ranging from $500 to $20,000. In order to give you an accurate quote, we need to know more about your unique project. Similar to buying a car, we need to know the type, features you want, and how much power you need under the hood etc... For smaller projects we can give you a free estimate after talking to you for about fifteen minutes.

 2 · What’s the turn around time?

All Logo creations have roughly a 2 week turn-around time just for the creation. Website development takes anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks, depending on the intricacy of the site itself. And any print material can take anywhere from 1 day, to 2 weeks to complete.

 3 · Project delivery methods?

With an approved Final Proof of Design, according to the project type: Logos can be delivered in an email, hosted on a password secured FTP account, and sent via mail on a disc. Print collateral will be shipped upon completion with source files on a disc. Websites can also be delivered by email to the webmaster, or if we are requested to manage the site it will be published and an email will be sent with the URL and access information.

 4 · Project progress summary?

During the Refining stage of a project we send you periodic updates of the designs/development. Any logo or print designs will be refined and sent to clients in a PDF file format via electronic mail. Websites are published to a testing/beta URL which is forwarded to clients for their viewing. Any milestones that are achieved are communicated for their attention.

 5 · Standard graphic formats?

Print and logo design source files can be delivered as .AI, .EPS or .TIFF format, unless otherwise requested. Web graphics are delivered as .PNG, .GIF or .JPG format.

 6 · What are the differences in logos?

Print logos require a much higher resolution (i.e., pixels per inch) and need to be saved in standard file formats. Web logos require a much lower resolution (72 d.p.i), and can be sent directly through email or available for immediate download. Because web logos are so small in file size, they are not a good choice for printing, as the quality will appear very blurred or jagged on paper.

 7 · 'Static' vs. 'Dynamic' sites?

A static site is one that is written in HTML. Each page is a separate document and there is no database that it uses. Dynamic sites are written using more complex code and are a more interactive experience for the end user. Dynamic sites can reduce ongoing maintenance costs if you don't want to change things yourself with a webpage editor or with the HTML. They usually cost more to develop, as they require more complex coding and a content management utilities.

 8 · How many times may I alter a design?

We'll make as many changes as necessary until it meets your approval. We require an approval of the Final Proof of Design before adding content to website pages. Logos/Print projects can have up to 3 revisions. After these revisions are exceeded additional charges may be neccessary.

 9 · Altering an approved design?

We acknowledge that changes may occur at any stage of the project, however design changes performed after you have approved the draft may require additional charges.

 10 · What if I don't like it?

No web site is published, nothing goes to print, no campaign is launched without final approval. Before work begins, you approve concept and direction. You will be informed every step of the process to ensure that the designs do not deviate from your expectations.